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The National Museum of Australia’s Endeavour Voyage curriculum-aligned education resources include student and teacher resources for years 3 to 6, and their Indigenous cultures and contact history page also has curriculum links and teacher resources for years 4 to 10.

The Australian National Maritime Museum’s resources for teachers and students encourage exploration of the Encounters 2020 program’s dual perspectives. To access these resources, visit the Encounters 2020 Education Resources page.

Department of Education, Skills and Employment learning sequences

Learning sequence: On board the Endeavour

What was life like on Cook’s ship? Students explore what it was like to live in the cramped below-deck quarters, including what a typical daily diet was for different parts of the crew; and how the diet impacted their health.

Year level:

Years F to 2

Learning areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Humanities and Social Sciences 
  • Health and Physical Education

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