The Australian Curriculum: Modern History for Senior Secondary students focuses on ‘the forces that have shaped today’s world’.

‘Unit 1: Understanding the Modern World’ includes the topic elective ‘The Enlightenment (1750–1789)’ as a significant development, inside which the eighteenth-century ‘voyages of exploration’ sit.

‘Unit 2: Movements for Change in the 20th Century’ includes an examination of the ‘Recognition and rights of Indigenous peoples’, for which the circumstances surrounding the colonisation of Australia are vitally important.

The resource Cook and the Pacific on the National Library of Australia’s Digital Classroom supports these curriculum areas and promotes the use of historical skills, such as analysis and use of sources, perspective and interpretations, and explanation and communication.

Other teacher resources

The National Museum of Australia’s Indigenous cultures and contact history page has curriculum links and teacher resources for years 4 to 10.